Index - abroad - Slovakian analyst: The situation is stable but tragic

Index – abroad – Slovakian analyst: The situation is stable but tragic

Mathematician Richard Koller painted a grim picture of Slovakia Epidemic situation In terms of data reliability and availability, he writes Factor. On Tuesday, after meeting with President Susanna Shabutova, Kollar drew attention to how incomplete their knowledge was in a comment, then in a comment to the daily SME.

We don’t know, we never know what’s going on

– According to the teacher’s report, this is how the mathematician summed up his position.

The Citizens and Information Initiative website, called Data Without Path, aims to serve the numbers of Coronavirus cases in an easily digestible manner for everyone. Ivan Bošňák, one of the portal’s founders, put on the newspaper that

The situation is stable, but tragic.

Full collar Doubt He does not participate, but he also believes that there are problems with the accuracy of the published numbers. He thinks it is conceivable that a mathematician might want to work with data that is not currently available.

The analyst says the situation has been stable for a month now, but that doesn’t mean it’s good, it’s consistently bad. Bošňák believes that strict compliance with restrictive measures could be the solution.

Travel restrictions a Border security Returnee Isolation: These are the procedures we just introduced. We have a lot of mobility, there are no roadside inspections and no checks on who should be quarantined.

He made it clear that what they want must be agreed upon and respected. Bošňák does not expect a rapid improvement, he says that they will “suffer” from Easter, and the number of injured will be very high for a long time.

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