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Index – Abroad – Slovak President: Malina Hedwig’s case to date is a disgrace

Zuzana Caputova said Malina Hedwig’s case to this day amounts to a rule of law bankruptcy. The new word According to his report, the head of the Slovak state is talking about this on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of the attack on women.

Caputova said that the injustice of a Hungarian student at that time should not be forgotten.

He added that instead of helping and redressing the victim, the state apparatus threatened Malina Hedwig.

The state apparatus turned against him – on the ordinary citizen. Those who exercised state power twisted the law in such a way that they ultimately wanted to bring it to justice, not those who attacked it.

– said the head of state.

Caputva also complained that while the perpetrators were not brought to justice, Malina Hedwig had to flee Slovakia. “Although he later received an apology, it was only partial relief from all the insults he had been subjected to for years,” the head of state wrote.

The case of Malina Hedwig – who was beaten by two Slovak men in Nitra in 2006 – has not been deadlocked to this day. The most recent development was the extension of the investigation into his case for the fifth time in May 2018, but it was also halted a few months later, in November.

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