Index - Abroad - Ryanair's plane caught fire, resulting in an emergency landing

Index – Abroad – Ryanair’s plane caught fire, resulting in an emergency landing

Descending from an altitude of more than twelve thousand meters, one of the Ryanair planes made an emergency landing as the crew sensed a fire on board.

The flight departed from Manchester, England, to Faro, Portugal, on Monday evening. However, an hour into the flight, the crew told passengers that they had to make an emergency landing in Brest, France, because a fire might break out on board.

According to Flight Radar, the plane descended from a height of twelve thousand meters above the English Channel to two thousand meters in about seven minutes and then successfully landed in the French city shortly after. Here, local firefighters searched the vehicle but found no indication of a fire on board.

A Ryanair spokesperson later said in connection with the case that the flight was canceled due to a minor technical error. Because of the error, the pilot felt smoke in the cockpit, which is why they suspected that it might be a fire.

Eventually, a plane from London picked up the disembarked passengers and transported them to Faro. Ryanair said the landing plane has since had to be inspected by engineers and restarted.

(via Daily Star)

(Cover Photo: Massimo Insabato / Massimo Insabato Archive / Mondadori Portfolio / Getty Images)

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