Index - Abroad - Russian mercenaries gather in eastern Ukraine

Index – Abroad – Russian mercenaries gather in eastern Ukraine

Sources in the news agency justified the arrival of the reinforcements on the grounds that the separatists want to increase protection against Ukraine. In turn, US intelligence learned that the Russians were planning an attack early next year.

Several mercenaries told Reuters, three of them also provided details of the offer they received from the recruits. In either case, the tenants did not indicate who they represented.

They collect everyone with combat experience

Said one of the mercenaries, who himself admitted that he accepted the offer, and had previously fought with the Russians in Ukraine and Syria. However, all the mercenaries claimed that they were unaware of their attack intent and that their recruitment served defensive purposes.

Another source linked to the mercenaries stated that the mercenaries will receive special training and carry out sabotage operations to destabilize Ukraine.

The Russian government, in a statement to Reuters, denied that it had any relationship with these mercenaries or private hires who used the services of mercenaries.

We’re hearing about this for the first time and we don’t know how reliable this information is

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. He added, “There were no professional Russian soldiers or military personnel in eastern Ukraine.” consultants Moscow has no plans to send them there. In contrast, the Kiev government claims that Russian regular forces are also present on the side of the separatists in eastern Ukraine.

(via Reuters)

(Cover Image: Maxar Technologies/Reuters)

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