Index – Abroad – Romania accepts almost as many foreigners as the United States

The Romanian government doubled its annual quota of immigration on August 11, allowing the neighboring country of Hungary to accommodate 50,000 people, as they try to solve a huge labor shortage, main field.

Romania’s Hungarian portal reported that Klein El, president of the country’s hotel ownership association, spoke at the opening of a new hotel in Bucharest on Sunday that

Without foreign labour, the sector would practically not be able to function,

Therefore, migrant workers from outside the European Union are being forced to address the significant labor shortage. According to the head of the company, the sector is trying to attract workers with higher wages than they can, but they prefer to go to Spain and Italy for much more, so Romania employs workers mainly from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Călin Ile also spoke about supporting training in home hospitality, and

Seeks to legitimize tips so that you can offer a more competitive income,

By doing so, they are trying to attract those who work abroad, but until that happens, they are forced to stay at the immigration office to increase the number of foreigners admitted each year and to simplify the immigration process in order to reduce the severe shortage of labor.

Interestingly, outgoing US President Donald Trump admitted only 15,000 foreigners to the United States each year, and this number was increased to 62,500 by his successor, Joe Biden, while in Romania the number is already 50. 000 since August 11.

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