INDEX - Abroad - Roman party leaders described Janus Ader's speech as offensive

INDEX – Abroad – Roman party leaders described Janus Ader’s speech as offensive

In Romania, the head of the largest ruling party and the opposition faction that includes the largest also called it an insult because Janos Ader drew a comparison between the Trianon shock and the annexation of Crimea at Monday’s summit in which the Crimea platform opened.

At a conference attended by representatives of 46 countries and international organizations, including 14 heads of state and government, the President of the Republic of Hungary pointed out: the sensitive wound is the annexation of Crimea.

Janos Ader stressed that Hungary, due to its “associated pain” and its commitment to international law, strongly supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Marcel Ciolaco, head of the opposition Social Democratic Party, despised in a Facebook post on Tuesday that Romania’s leaders were left unanswered 24 hours later in order to “humiliate” their country at the highest level.

According to the head of the PSD, it is unacceptable for the Hungarian head of state to compare Transylvania – “determined by the will of the Roman people united and sanctified by international peace treaties” – with Romania’s violent annexation of Crimea, which everyone criticizes and does not recognize. any democratic country.

The opposition leader added that he expected nothing from Prime Minister Florin Seto, who represented Romania at the Kiev conference, but from Head of State Klaus Iohannis, who a year ago mocked the “PSD salute” with a Hungarian salute. He accused the PSD of “selling Transylvania to the Hungarians”, according to Siulako, as a betrayal of citizenship if he did not refuse to “insult” the Hungarian head of state.

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On Tuesday night, the head of the National Liberal Party (PNL), the largest party in Bucharest’s centre-right coalition government, believed Jon Ader’s hard-line rhetoric had nothing to do with historical reality and that Romania should not normally leave such an insult. without an answer. Ludovic Orban’s decision, in which he also indicated that he does not necessarily agree with the government’s official decisions, is linked to the sharp contradiction within the National Liberation Party between him and Prime Minister Florin Cito, who is also running for party leadership.

Journalists also responded to Janos Ader’s comments on Tuesday.

We are talking about these issues (only) here in Bucharest

– Florin Seto, adding that he was surprised by the PSD attack and that many were worried about the topic, despite the fact that in Ukraine he spoke about the rights to teach the Romanian mother tongue and that the summit itself was held in a closed manner, replied Agerpress News Agency.

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