Index – Abroad – Residents of France and Belgium can return home from the UK

France and Belgium have allowed their citizens and foreigners residing on their soil to return home from Britain from Wednesday. Thus, Paris and Brussels are the European Commission recommendation Alleviate appropriately the severe restrictions imposed on the UK the other day due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So far, dozens of countries have announced that they will suspend receiving flights from the United Kingdom, but countries close to the island country will not allow arrivals by other means of transport on the European continent.

This is because the British government announced the identification of a new type of Coronavirus last week.

The European Commission asked EU member states to ease the ban on Tuesday.

From Wednesday, France will accept its citizens and non-British citizens from the United Kingdom on the condition that they are tested for coronavirus 72 hours before departure, with negative results. Respectively, France accepts anyone from Great Britain residing on the mainland under the same conditions.

The test can be any test that also detects a new type of coronavirus that has been discovered in the United Kingdom. Diplomatic sources in Brussels said France was also re-allowing the passage of cargo with the crew of the transport vehicle. During the past two days, only passenger trains were allowed to cross without crew and passengers.

Belgium introduced a similar procedure Tuesday night, but its outreach only concerns Belgian citizens and residents.

Eurostar, the railway company, announced Tuesday night that its trains will be returning from the United Kingdom to the mainland and that trains will be available to passengers “under certain conditions”.

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