Index – Abroad – Relations between China and the United States remain hostile

Relations between the United States and China have not improved since Joe Biden took office independent. Before taking office, the new president promised to work to normalize US relations with countries with which relations have been strained recently.

China However, there are not yet many indications of intent to reconcile.

Although the new U.S. government is now less likely to undertake rhetorical attacks than did Trump and his government, it did not lift the sanctions imposed by the previous government. In addition, several officials have been appointed on several occasions who were previously very active Conflicts Statements were made against China.

Thus, America and China continue to confront each other day in and day out DiplomaticallyToday mainly because of the Uyghur situation and China’s ambitions in the South China Sea.

The conflict between the two superpowers can generate many problems internationally. Tensions between them, for example, make it difficult for international cooperation in climate protection and the fight against Coronavirus.

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