Index - Abroad - Reaction to Matovi's joke: Slovakia replaced the Crimea

Index – Abroad – Reaction to Matovi’s joke: Slovakia replaced the Crimea

Mіняємо Словаччину на Крим – Slovakia replaced with Crimea.

This mural depicting the jokes of Igor Matovich adorns the building of the Slovak consulate in Kharkov, capital of eastern Ukraine.

According to them, the statements of the Slovak Prime Minister “are insulting to the Ukrainian people, who are suffering from Russian aggression.”

On Tuesday, the Slovak Prime Minister responded to a press question about what Moscow had promised in exchange for the shipment of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine: “Transcarpathia. Sorry, what do you think? I didn’t promise them anything. “

This joke, which was considered a joke, was also heard in Kiev, and Ukraine took it under a bad name, and the Slovak diplomat Matisse Corba was immediately summoned to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Matovi was called to apologize for his statement, which he did – written by with reference to the article parameter.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Zelensky demanded the return of the annexed Crimea.

In Ukraine, the Slovak prime minister’s joke may not have been appreciated either, because nearly seven years ago the Russians occupied the Crimea, which had belonged to Ukraine until then, and then were the two eastern Ukrainian provinces (Donetsk and Lugansk). Torn from the country. Conflict.

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