Index - Abroad - Putin: Joe Biden is not what the media portrays

Index – Abroad – Putin: Joe Biden is not what the media portrays

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in Moscow that it had nothing to do with the “fairly depressing picture” the media paints of US President Joe Biden.

The Russian president holds a professional name for his partner in the US office, who said they understand each other on key issues at the Geneva summit on Wednesday.

You have to work with it very carefully

– Tell. Putin expressed his readiness for further cooperation with the United States.

As we wrote, a meeting between the US and Russian presidents took place in Geneva on Wednesday afternoon.

  • Biden and Putin met at Villa La Grange.
  • They had their meeting in two parts, with the press causing some commotion in the first part and the Russian security forces having to put things back in order.
  • After the meeting, Biden left the venue while Putin held his press conference.
  • The Russian president spoke, among other things, about the release of expelled diplomats, cybersecurity, Navalny, human rights, and whether he himself was a murderer.
  • Joe Biden responded to what the Russian president said. The US president said that he achieved everything he had traveled to Geneva for, but at the end of his press conference, the mood soured again.

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