Index - Abroad - Prisons in Moscow are full

Index – Abroad – Prisons in Moscow are full

Arrests have taken place in Moscow since protests lasted 10 days to demand the release of opposition politician Alexei Navalny. More than 4,000 people have been arrested so far across Russia.

Protester Philip Kuznetsov spent an entire night with his 18 companions in a net-slave truck. There was so little space that they could take turns to rest a little bit in the old truck, BBCto me.

Philip Kuznetsov was placed in pretrial detention on Monday for his participation in the protest. But the police had two more days to find a place for him and his comrades in one of the Moscow cells. His group waited a total of 17 hours in front of the detention center in Moscow, with volunteers bringing them a few sandwiches to the trellis cart.

Philip is a young businessman and he is neither a fan of Nafalani nor his followers. But he was angry at the way his fellow citizens had been treated. This is why he went out to honor. “Anyone can be next,” he says.

More than four thousand new prisoners in ten days

Movement to Pushkin Square in Moscow began in Moscow on January 20, where the police were on the spot Started Distribution and The arrests. To date, more than 4,000 people have been arrested across the country.

However, the driving force behind the movements is not only Navalny’s release, but also the opposition political anti-corruption institution on Tuesday. Published The investigation in which the veil was removed from the luxurious palace of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the Black Sea coast.

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For the first time protesters, interpretive media

According to an opinion poll, 42 percent of the Moscow crowd are now protesting for the first time. The movements spread at an unprecedented speed and also to cities that were generally “negative” politically.

Even if someone is fired from their job in Moscow for protesting, there are many other opportunities to earn money. Politician Ekaterina Shulman notes that the situation is worse in other cities in Russia. In other areas, people are taking more risks and appear to be more angry.

In Russia’s far eastern city of Vladivostok, there have been no demonstrations of the same size for more than a decade.

The official Russian media has long refuted the news about Navalny and the luxurious palace associated with Putin. Here are some key phrases:

  • Violent protesters were to be brought down in the west.
  • The investigation into the Crimean Palace is not the work of Navalny and his team, and the opposition may have received the material from Germany.
  • Putin says no “cool” That kind of luxury. It walks in the wild and is filled with hiking and hunting.

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