Index - Abroad - Preparedness is great, there hasn't been such a hurricane in America in a century and a half

Index – Abroad – Preparedness is great, there hasn’t been such a hurricane in America in a century and a half

The US authorities fear that Ida, which is approaching the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, could become the most powerful hurricane of the last century and a half. Winds of 210 kph in Louisiana on Sunday.

According to a previous warning issued by the National Hurricane Center in Washington, the tornado in the Atlantic Ocean will intensify into the highest category of four by Sunday, when it reaches American Louisiana condition.

We can say that this will be the most powerful hurricane to hit Louisiana since the 1850s.

The state governor announced on Saturday. John Bel Edwards said there was little time left to prepare for the storm, but promised authorities to do everything in their power to ensure safety.

There is an evacuation warning on Louisiana’s 320-kilometre coast. Many coastal residents are trying to flee inland, where the storm is expected to wreak havoc, according to a report from the AP news agency. Television news stations show several kilometers of traffic jams on the roads leading from the coast.

New Orleans emergency director Colin Arnold said the city could be trapped by strong winds for up to ten hours. Officials warned that those staying put should expect prolonged power outages and stifling heat in the coming days.

Ramsey Green, who is responsible for maintaining the city’s infrastructure, confirmed that significant improvements have been made to the dam system protecting New Orleans since the 2005 floods caused by Hurricane Katrina. But he warned that in the event of sudden rainfall of 250-500 mm, there could be flooding again.

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Sixteen years ago, on the same day in August, Hurricane Katrina hit the southeastern United States, killing more than 1,800 people. The storm at the time caused the greatest damage in New Orleans after submerging about 80 percent of the city. The damage caused by the disaster was estimated at more than $108 billion.

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