Index – Abroad – Political World: The new Vucsic movement brings Serbia closer to de facto dictatorship

Mrdalj warns that the name of the new movement conveys the message that anyone who is in opposition is against the state—that is, as the political scientist interprets it, this kind of presidential rhetoric brings Serbian society one step closer to actual dictatorship.

Some Vucsic voters justify their choice by saying that although there are bad people around the president, he himself is fine. They also talked about Milosevic in the same way, but Vucic clearly didn’t want to act like Milosevic. He is trying to change the party machinery, so it is better for the party to put on new clothes, and gain renewed legitimacy with its new movement.

– Explanation of the political scientist on Radio N1.

According to the media, Vucsics will start negotiations with the residents of southern Serbia on Saturday, March 11, most likely in Vranje, where he has great support anyway, so it is not surprising that he will present his new idea to the public here for the first time, where success is expected. big there. Which, by the way, will also look good in the media, and this may also convince voters who live in other parts of the country of the president’s new plan – wrote the Hungarian word free .

As we wrote, Aleksandar Vucic spoke of creating a new political organization that would be civil and patriotic at the same time. This direction will be called Ordinary Serbia.