Index - abroad - Poland will tighten more

Index – abroad – Poland will tighten more

The Minister of Health announced that epidemiological measures have been tightened in two other regions of Poland due to the increasing number of infections with the Coronavirus, calling for a possible national lockdown.

Sixteen polishing The epidemic tightening is already being implemented in four of the provinces.

Stricter rules will be implemented starting Monday in Masovian Prefecture, which includes the capital, and in western Lobos Province. It was previously announced that similar measures will be introduced in North Pomerania starting Saturday.

The restrictions that were lifted nationwide starting February 12 were reimposed for the first time in Northeast Warmian Masurian County starting last Saturday.

In the aforementioned areas, an order was issued to close hotels, cultural institutions and sports swimming pools by March 28, and only shops and services that meet basic needs operate in shopping centers.

Grades 1, 2 and 3 of elementary schools – which returned to classrooms in January – are again shifting to distance learning in these areas.

According to Health Minister Adam Niedzelski at a press conference, an average of 37 new infections were recorded per 100,000 people per day in Poland last week, compared to 47 in Masovia and Lubuch and 60 in Warmia and Mazury.

The British version of the coronavirus is currently found in 38.5 percent of infections. Referring to Thursday in Poland More than 21,000 new infections were recorded, which is nearly six thousand more infections than last week, as the minister found: Growth continues and the epidemic is accelerating.

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