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Index – Abroad – Peter Szijjarto reacted harshly to Antony Blinken's criticism

Index – Abroad – Peter Szijjarto reacted harshly to Antony Blinken's criticism

Peter Szijjártó responded to Antony Blinken's criticism of religious freedom on his social media page. According to the US Secretary of State, Hungarian officials are using anti-Semitic rhetoric.

This accusation is particularly nonsense on the part of the foreign minister of a country where the number of frightening attacks against Jewish people has risen dramatically recently, and where anti-Semitic riots have occurred on university campuses.

The Prime Minister said.

At the same time, he added, Israel's national football team and club teams will play their matches in Hungary again next season, because they feel safe here.

As Index reported, pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel activists demonstrated on college campuses in the United States at the end of April. They first started a protest in New York at Columbia University, which spread to hundreds of institutions across the country. The demonstrations witnessed anti-Semitic manifestations in several places, as well as the Palestinian uprising against Israel, the Intifada, and an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Among the demands directed at university administrations everywhere is to cut ties with Israel and companies with an Israeli background. Protesters clashed with police in several places, as well as with pro-Israel demonstrators in Los Angeles last week. In the past three weeks, the number of arrested demonstrators has exceeded 2,500 people, some of whom are university students and some of whom are activists from outside.