Index – Abroad – Peter Szijjarto fears US interference in the elections

2021.11.27. 08:32

The Hungarian government believes that the United States will try to interfere in the Hungarian elections next year and seeks to replace Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s right-wing populist party because Washington resents Budapest for its close cooperation with former US President Donald Trump. financial times.

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told the newspaper that he expects the Magnitsky Act to be enacted, which will provide an opportunity to impose sanctions on countries where corruption and human rights abuses occur.

They do not live on the moon, but in Central Europe. We are sure that there will be attempts from the United States. I assure the Hungarian people that all relevant bodies will do their job to prevent outside interference in the elections.

Happy Peter Szijjártó.

United State they didn’t call me Hungary to its democratic summit next year with the participation of 110 countries. According to observers, Budapest’s questionable reputation is due to the erosion of its democratic principles and human rights, and its inability to stand up to endemic corruption.

Hungary is the only EU country that has been refused participation, which Peter Szijjarto called “disrespectful”.

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