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Index – Abroad – Passage of a controversial law in Great Britain
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Index – Abroad – Passage of a controversial law in Great Britain

Relatives of victims of the conflict, human rights organizations and Ireland’s main political parties – Irish nationalists as well as British unionists – have condemned the legislation, which they say does not achieve justice. The Irish government is considering taking legal action in this regard.

We cannot pardon murderers. it’s not fair

– declared Eugene Revie, whose three brothers were killed in 1976 by pro-British gunmen, and were never held accountable.

Irish nationalists fighting for a united Ireland, unionists,

During three decades of conflict between the pro-British paramilitary organization and British soldiers, about 3,600 people were killed.

The conflict ended in 1998 with a peace treaty known as the Good Friday Agreement.

Britain says fewer and fewer people are being convicted in trials related to events that occurred 55 years ago, and that the justice system must begin a new chapter after the conflict.

Under the law, a new independent reconciliation and information-gathering commission will be established, granting immunity to anyone who cooperates with the investigation. On Wednesday, the House of Representatives voted to reject the amendments proposed by the House of Lords, so the bill now only awaits the King’s formal approval to enter into force.

Ireland said it was considering taking legal action against the law because, in its view, it violated the European Convention on Human Rights. According to the British government, the legislation is in line with the Convention.

Hilary Benn, spokeswoman for the opposition Labor Party in Northern Ireland, said in the parliamentary debate that if her party was in government, they would withdraw the law.