Index - Abroad - Orders the Extradition of Julian Assange

Index – Abroad – Orders the Extradition of Julian Assange

London Court I decided to extradite Assange in April of this year, However, this decision had to be approved even by the British Home Office.

This happened on Friday, Minister Occurred delivery decision.

However, the WikiLeaks founder still has the right to appeal the decision to extradite him, which means that he will not be transferred to America at all for the time being.

The Australian man suspected of spying has been held in London for nearly a decade. He was formally indicted by the United States in 2019 for releasing hundreds of thousands of pages of encrypted documents. If extradited, he could be sentenced to up to 175 years in prison in the United States.

WikiLeaks responded

In response to the Home Secretary’s decision, WikiLeaks wrote that “the black day for press freedom and British democracy is today”.

Everyone who respects freedom of expression in this country should be deeply ashamed of the Home Secretary’s agreement to extradite Julian Assange to the United States, which tried to assassinate him in the past.

– They wrote, adding that even today the fighting is not over, they are starting a new legal battle for the freedom of their founder.

Julian’s freedom is linked to the freedom of each of us. We will fight to get Julian back to his family and we will all restore the right to freedom of expression

– said in a WikiLeaks statement.

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