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Index – Abroad – Olympic section text changed

Competitors, coaches and judges will take an Olympic script with a revised script at the opening of the Tokyo Games next Friday. The changes were approved by the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on the basis of proposals from the Athletes’ Commission for Gender Equality. The script will be spoken by two Japanese competitors, two coaches and two judges on behalf of the participants rather than the former.

The promotion of gender equality and women’s sports is reflected in a number of other measures.

We pledge to participate in the Olympic Games in the spirit of fair play, acceptance, equality and respect and adherence to the rules. We stand in solidarity with each other and are committed to sport without any form of doping, fraud or discrimination. We do this to honor our teams, to honor Olympic principles and to make the world a better place through sport.

The ICC cited the new section in its statement on Wednesday.

Regarding the changes, Kirsty Coventry, head of the IOC’s Athletes Council, said Olympians are role models and ambassadors, so they have a great responsibility.

We agree to send a strong message to the world about equality, acceptance, solidarity, peace and respect,

He was drafted as an Olympic swimmer and world champion for the Zimbabwean athlete.

The Olympic oath was first uttered at the opening of the 1920 Antwerp Games, when Victor Bowen made a vow on behalf of his fellow athletes. The original text was drafted by Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, and has been changed only slightly for a long time. A reference to doping rejection was included at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Referees first took the oath at the 1972 Sapporo Winter Games and coaches at the 2012 London Olympics.

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Tokyo will be the first Olympics in which gender equality is almost completely achieved, with participation reaching nearly forty-nine percent. By decision of the IOC Executive Board, each participating country will be given the opportunity to be represented by at least one female and male competitor. It is also an innovation that when entering a team, a female and male competitor can carry the flag at the opening, and the IOC encourages five-ring National Committees to take advantage of this opportunity.

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