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Index – abroad – Olaf Schultz: I understand the Hungarian position, not everyone can quickly become independent of Russian energy

Index - abroad - Olaf Schultz: I understand the Hungarian position, not everyone can quickly become independent of Russian energy

In Germany, the European Union’s partial oil embargo on Russia has drawn criticism from the opposition. “Criminal sanctions against Russia are not severe,” said Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD). Above all, the settlement shows the lack of unity among EU member states, writes zeit.

According to the EU sanctions resolution adopted Monday night, only offshore oil imports will be initially halted, but pipeline imports will still be possible.

However, Germany and Poland agreed to take advantage of this possibility until the end of the year at the latest. Robert Habeck According to the Minister of Economy of the Green Party, the Hungarian Prime Minister “He played poker in a vile way for their own interests. On the other hand, Chancellor Olaf Schulz said he understands the Hungarian position because not all countries can become independent of Russian imports as quickly as Germany.

Tilmann Koban, president of the Youth Union (a youth organization in the CDU), criticized Germany for “only reining in rather than taking the lead. In addition, the decisions to ban the EU were taken too late,” the politician told Welt TV. And in Cuba, it called for an end to gas imports from Russia and “sending clear signals.” He paid tribute in Cuba to Federal Minister of Economy Robert Habeck (the Greens), who also called for this.

(Cover photo: Robert Habeck, German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Change, at the G7 meeting on climate, energy and the environment on May 27, 2022. Photo: John McDougall/AFP)

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