Index - Abroad - North Korea does not want to waste time in the United States

Index – Abroad – North Korea does not want to waste time in the United States

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Chungwon said on Wednesday that North Korea is not considering contacting the United States.

We don’t even think about any kind of relationship with the United States. It won’t lead us anywhere anyway and we’ll waste precious timeضيع

Ri Chung-won stressed what was reported by the North’s official news agency.

The communist dictatorship’s foreign minister said his portfolio welcomes the recent decision on the matter by Kim Jong-un, the influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. As he said, Kim Jojong’s statement dispelled “hasty criticism, speculation and expectations” of the United States.

US President Joe Biden’s government has reviewed its policy towards the communist country so far, saying it will use practical means to persuade Pyongyang to disarm. However, Kim Gojong told Washington on Tuesday that the “false expectations that the United States cherishes may cause more bitter disappointment.”

Kim Jojong is the head of the propaganda and agitation department of the Korean Communist Workers’ Party, which rules North Korea. He supposedly responded that White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said in an interview with ABC television on Sunday that the Washington government found Kim Jong-un’s statement interesting that Pyongyang’s leadership was ready for dialogue and confrontation with the United States.

We are waiting for a clear signal from Pyongyang about whether it is ready to sit at the negotiating table and move in this direction.

Happy Jake Sullivan.

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