Index - Abroad - Netflix star Joe Exotic has received no presidential pardon

Index – Abroad – Netflix star Joe Exotic has received no presidential pardon

GW Exotic Zoo is named after a Joe Exotic, Who is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for his participation in an assassination attempt – and they won’t know why – for torturing animals. Hoping to pardon the outgoing US president in his latest decision, he was not added to Trump’s list of 143 convicts. However, he had already rented a limousine to leave his prison.

Worthy of the name Joseph Schreipvogel, whose name is a truly strange artist, he was such a good bird that he wrote his life story laden with sins. He is best known as the hero of the Netflix series tackling Tiger World, whose original title, Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness, better reflects his heroine character. The brain-tattooed tiger manicure attracted viewers as a magnet, so much so that at the height of its waves of popularity, it even happened to him to go to the ring for the presidency of the United States.

What he was imprisoned for is that he wanted to assassinate his main business competitor, the head of another zoo, with a killer four years earlier, and did not treat his animals with his hands in gloves. In addition to the skeletons of five large cats Human remains were also found In the region.

New Oklahoma Zoo owners are now required to turn over tiger cubs and mothers used to petting zoos to the federal government. According to BBC News, Jeff and Lauren Lowe – what a coincidence: another character with the name of an animal! – Violated the Endangered Species Protection Rules and the Animal Welfare Act.

The Lowes were shockingly neglectful about the health and well-being of their animals and did not comply with the law

The Deputy Attorney General of the Environment and Natural Resources Bureau at the Department of Justice in Washington confirmed. The court found that the animals were not provided with adequate environment and food, and that many animals fell ill due to a lack of proper veterinary care, and two tiger cubs were killed within a week.

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And the whole story is now another competitor This time it’s not a zoo but a movie maker You can peel some (animal) skins: a In an upcoming CBS series Nicolas Cage will play Exotic.

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