Index – Abroad – Moscow: the United States is still on the list of hostile countries

Dmitry Peskov said that the Geneva summit did not create the conditions for removing the United States from the list of countries unfriendly to Russia. A Kremlin spokesman indicated that the tangible results of the summit had not yet been achieved. The list of countries not friendly to Moscow, published by the Russian Foreign Ministry on May 14, includes the United States and the Czech Republic.

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Regarding the US sanctions that will be imposed on Russia for poisoning opposition politician Alexei Navalny, Peskov said that some of them are provided by law in the United States. These economic sanctions are not affected by Joe Biden’s position, the spokesperson said, the Telegraph office wrote.

The spokesman said that regardless of the overall balance of the Geneva summit, Moscow expects Washington to continue its policy of arresting Russia. He added that the Russian side will continue dialogue with Washington and its European partners regarding the early start of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

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