Index – Abroad – More than five million European Union citizens are applying for a permanent residence permit in the United Kingdom

According to figures released by the British Home Office on Thursday, the number of European Union citizens who have applied to UK authorities for a permanent residence permit has exceeded five million.

He must also prove that his work is essential to the UK.

The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on January 31 of last year, but EU citizens who legally and habitually settled in the country until the end of 2020, the end of the transition period after the end of the British membership in the European Union (Brexit), can continue to remain in full status. . While retaining their power. However, they must apply for an indefinite residence permit, which is a legal status that is created under an official name.

According to a monthly summary from the Home Office in London on Thursday, 5,060,600 out of 27 EU citizens living in the UK had done so by January 31.

The UK authorities have already handled 4,678,300 requests, almost all of them in favor:

The rejections rate was just 0.8 percent by the last day of last month.

According to a report from the UK Home Office on Thursday, 53 per cent of applications assessed by the end of January were granted permanent status and 44 per cent had pre-defined status.

The latter is available to applicants who have not yet lived five years of life in the UK at the time of application, but can also wait until five years have passed and then receive a final residence permit.

European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom and who chose to remain after Brexit must authentically prove their identity and lifestyle in order to obtain stable legal status.

They must also report if they have previously been convicted of a criminal offense.

With the end of British membership in the European Union at the end of January last year, an 11-month transition period began, during which the immigration rules for EU citizens remained unchanged.

Thus, those who arrived in the UK from the European Union with the intention of settling before that period expires, i.e. December 31, can apply for a residence permit with the same right as those who have been in the United Kingdom for a longer period. in the UK They live.

Those who were on December 31 the lifestyle in the UK They may submit their application for fixed status by June 30 of this year

However, since the first day of this year, the British government has introduced a unified immigration regulation for new arrivals from EU and non-EU countries, which assesses incorporation applications on the basis of a scoring system, which is mainly based on applicants’ qualifications and English language skills.

Specifications include that

Foreign workers already have a valid job offer from their employer at the time of their submission,

Those who are recognized by the British government to be eligible for the job.

Foreign workers can apply for jobs that have the required minimum qualifications or higher and can only accept a work permit in the UK from an applicant who speaks an acceptable level of English as officially specified.

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