Index - Abroad - Minister arrested on suspicion of abuse of influence

Index – Abroad – Minister arrested on suspicion of abuse of influence

Referring to unofficial information, the daily Jutarnji List wrote that the Public Prosecution Office in Croatia suspected it of directing Deputy Anna Mandak, in 2018, when she was the Minister of Economy in the previous government, to award some non-refundable grants. Preferred grants.

The program for small and medium-sized enterprises in areas inhabited by national minorities was supported by persons with whom the head of the ministry had an interest or had been nominated by Tomislav Tološić, former Minister of Agriculture, and Boris Milosevic, Deputy Prime Minister of the Serbian minority. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has also launched an investigation against them, as well as against the deputy minister and two state ministers, MTI wrote, citing the newspaper.

Andrei Blenković In an extraordinary press conference, the Prime Minister asked USKOK for an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the minister’s arrest.

This is the moment when the attorney general must stand in front of the cameras and explain why the incumbent’s minister must be arrested.

Blinkofi saidć“He hoped there was reason to take action and they certainly acted according to the law,” he added. Blinkofić Anyway, “the timing was not accidental.” The Prime Minister may have indicated that opposition parties had recently submitted a censure note against Croatia for what they believed to be the slow pace of post-earthquake recovery and reconstruction work. Blinkofić However, he stated that if Croatia remained in prison, she could not hold a ministerial position.

The Prosecutor General and the Croatian Prosecutor’s Office (DORH) issued a statement after the press conference stating that, as before, they would not comment on the Prime Minister’s statements. They added that they acted according to the law.

Accordingly, if the legal requirements are met, the competent public prosecution informs the public

They wrote.

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