INDEX - Abroad - Mexico's border wall construction may continue

INDEX – Abroad – Mexico’s border wall construction may continue

Texas Governor Greg Abbott will continue building the Mexican border wall begun by former US President Donald Trump. Abbott said at a news conference Thursday evening that plans to do so will be officially announced next week. As he said, the police will also receive additional resources to catch illegal immigrants.

The Republican governor, who previously called on US President Joe Biden to restore immigration procedures to his predecessor Donald Trump, did not elaborate on his plans. At the same time, experts question the feasibility of the project, given that many border divisions are owned by the federal government or in the hands of individuals.

The Biden government announced Friday that the $2.2 billion Trump has reallocated to wood construction will be spent on 66 of the 66 military construction projects at home and abroad, as originally planned.

The focus of Trump’s 2016 election campaign was to build a border wall to curb illegal immigration on the United States’ 3,200-kilometre southern border.

In the final days of his presidency, on January 13 of this year, while visiting the southern boundary wall section of the Alamo, Texas, he recorded his efforts in that direction as a huge success story.

However, the US Congress deprived him of the resources to do so before Trump declared a state of emergency at the border to free up Department of Defense resources to build the wall.

Construction stopped when Biden took office on January 20, which Mexico welcomed.

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