Index - Abroad - Meghan Markle's new book has become a scandal

Index – Abroad – Meghan Markle’s new book has become a scandal

2021.05.05. 19:46
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Some say Meghan Markle’s new book, The Bench, has already copied the story of a 2018 British author’s children’s book. the sun.

The original for the book In our article We have now written that Princess Meghan’s name has not finally appeared due to a scandal. But we didn’t have to wait long for that either.

The princess claims the book was based on a poem she wrote for Prince Harry on Father’s Day.

However, some believe that the actress could actually have access to someone else’s work.

In 2018, British writer Corinne Avery published a book whose title is similar to that of The Princess. Some critics thought they had discovered some similarities in the covers of the two books as well as in the pictures in the book.

The two covers are next to each other

The two covers are next to each other

Photo:, Markle Official

However, the author of the other book stated that he did not think the princess had tightened the story about her.

Corinne Avris Books Read the description of the book and the details received from its text He believes that there is no similarity between the two stories.

The book will be released on June 8, after which it will be possible to see exactly the similarity between the two stories.

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