Index - Abroad - Meghan Markle wanted one for her birthday, but the English didn't like it

Index – Abroad – Meghan Markle wanted one for her birthday, but the English didn’t like it

Meghan Markle has only done damage to the royal family, and now she’s just trying to make everything revolve around her, says royal biographer Duncan Larcom. the pepper He writes, with her unusual birthday wish, the princess made things worse family relationships.

According to Meghan Markle, the expert Christmas wish It has not had undivided success. In a video, the princess asked her fans and forty friends to donate forty minutes of their lives to mentor women who want to return to the world of work.

According to the biographer, despite the noble initiative, it never had success in Britain. He thinks it’s all about the princess:

It’s great that he’s doing this, his now-born baby, and it’s all about Meghan, frankly his eyes are all over the place.

Duncan Larcombe said the American actress was destroying both her family and hers. She added that this initiative is nonsense, and she should spend her time building relationships with those who were betrayed by her husband. According to the expert, many they understand I agree with his views in England. Personally, she is not interested in Meghan Markle giving young mothers lectures from her $11 million villa in Los Angeles.

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