Index - Abroad - Meghan Markle is the smartest man in the British royal family

Index – Abroad – Meghan Markle is the smartest man in the British royal family

Researchers at the academy studied the high school results of members of the royal family, and in light of the QS international rankings, The strength of the university in which they studied.

The top ten list, which also shows which university he graduated from, looks like this:

  1. Meghan Markle, Northwestern University
  2. Princess Catherine, University of St Andrews
  3. Vilmos Herceg, University of St Andrews
  4. Princess Eugenia of Newcastle University
  5. Peter Phillips [Anna hercegnő gyermeke, II. Erzsébet legidősebb unokája]University of Exeter
  6. Zara Tindall [Anna hercegnő második gyermeke]University of Exeter
  7. Princess Anna, University of Aberdeen
  8. Mrs. Kitty Spencer [Vilmos és Harry unokatestvére, Diána hercegnő révén]University of Cape Town, European Business School
  9. Princess Camilla, SOAS University London
  10. Beatrix Hersini, Goldsmiths, University of London

Meghan Markle also holds two degrees from Northwestern University: Acting and International Studies. The university was ranked 30 in the QS 2021 rankings making it the first.

Kate Middleton attended high school at Marlborough College, where she did well in graduation (English alone was a little weaker). He later studied at the University of St Andrews, which is ranked 91st in the QS rankings.

At university he met Prince William who was studying there. On the other hand, the prince’s high school results weren’t very good – he got the worst grade in biology anyway – so the princess outdid him.

Describing the results, a spokesperson for the academy said that the lives of members of the royal family have not been easy, as they have always been given great attention, but

Meghan Markle’s academic credentials prepared her perfectly for the role.

He added that although Meghan and Prince Harry had resigned from their official positions in the royal family, they had nonetheless managed to maintain their focus. “Meghan’s goal is to use this to draw attention to serious problems around the world, reflecting her high intelligence, analytical skills and higher education level,” the spokeswoman said.

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It may come as a surprise that Prince Harry did not make it to the top ten, but that is explained by the fact that he never went to college or university.

By the way, he had less positive results from geography upon graduation.

Interestingly, only Kitty Spencer has completed a master’s degree (MA/MA) after graduation (BA/BA), but this was not the case in this survey.

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