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Index – Abroad Mass immigrants may be pardoned and admitted to the United States

Index – Abroad Mass immigrants may be pardoned and admitted to the United States

He gave the chief of the US Border Patrol the authority to allow mass arrivals of migrants into the country without going through the asylum procedure if the organization was overburdened.

On Thursday, a note appeared in the press, according to which the head of the organization directly responsible for border protection tasks (US Border Patrol) authorized the regional border patrol directors

Illegal arrivals must be released without asylum procedures or a court date, using the legal institution of a so-called amnesty.

This is usually used in exceptional and rare cases, when someone has to be admitted into the country without documentation due to an unusual event. According to the executive branch, in the case of admitted immigrants, the amnesty procedure can be applied provided that they undertake to report to the immigration authority (immigration and customs administration) within 60 days, so that the office can start the asylum procedure in their case.

According to data from the US Border Protection, more than 30,000 illegal border crossers have been arrested at the US-Mexico border in the past three days. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said at a White House briefing on Thursday that the government “did everything it could, given the resources available and the operating system.”

Describing lack of resources as the root cause of the crisis, he added that they had to work within a flawed immigration system. In response to a question, he admitted that they are preparing for chaos on the border, and pointed to a very difficult situation.

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Major cities in the US are also preparing for the arrival of illegal immigrants, and the mayor of Denver has asked for financial support from the central government, while in New York, emergency shelters are being set up in Central Park. On Mayor Eric Adams’ orders, several groups of immigrants have been bussed from the big city to rural areas of upstate New York to be accommodated there, MTI reports.

On Thursday, the head of the federal epidemiological authority asked everyone to be more careful, referring to the expected increase in uncontrolled migration. Rochelle Walensky, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said at the legislative committee meeting that the agency can rely on the pandemic forecasting network.

At the same time, he drew doctors’ attention to the fact that people considered “under-vaccinated” might settle in their communities, and therefore asked them to be aware of the dangers of epidemics.

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives also approved a border protection bill introduced by party representatives on Thursday. Among other things, the law provides for the continuation of the construction of the border protection fence, an increase in the number of border protection personnel by 22,000 and the improvement of the technical equipment of the border guards. The adoption of the law in the Senate, the Senate, which has a Democratic majority, is questionable, after the Democrats in the House of Representatives also rejected it, and President Joe Biden also indicated that he would veto it if it came before him. .