Index - abroad - Manfred Weber: Hungary should allow an independent study

Index – abroad – Manfred Weber: Hungary should allow an independent study

The family of the former French Conservative Party, European People’s Party (EPP) leader, told FRANCE 24 that the scandal no longer only affects Hungarian domestic politics. It’s Manfred Weber in an interview Remember that with spyware Emmanuel Macron The French president and a number of senior politicians, journalists and activists can also be objected to.

This is no longer an issue of Hungarian domestic politics. It has an impact on the policies of the entire EU, so we need to be clear about what happened

Weber said.

The politician helped point out that only the Hungarian government is accused of using Pegasus to wiretaps.

In my opinion, then the Hungarian government should allow an independent investigation

We also need to make sure that everyone in Europe respects the principles that make us Europeans, Weber said. At present, the Hungarian government to reject that Pegasus was used to wiretaps.

The Hungarian government strongly denies this illegal Gergeli Golias, Prime Minister, described the Pegasus scandal as political hysteria he called on government information.

Weber to Poland, among other countries, from the European Union Exit Also speaking, which appeared recently. He explained that he said many Poles remained pro-European. The leader of the EPP faction said that I count on the Poles to fight for Europe, but that Europe must also help with this: we must show solidarity with those who take to the streets.

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