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Index – Abroad – Ludovic Orban: developments could change the ethnic composition of Szeklerland

MTI reports that Ludovic Orbán, the head of Romania’s ruling party, has promised to invest in 85 percent of Hungarians living in Ziklerland, Hargia county. According to the politician who also chairs the House of Representatives

If the region is developed to its full potential, it will be noted that the ethnic composition can also be significantly altered.

Ludovic Orban, who is running for another term as head of the National Liberal Party, visited the Hargita and Covasna county organizations on Sunday, the Agripress news agency reported.

During the reshuffle of the Harjitta District Organization, the district was found to have been avoided by investment. According to him, this can also be explained by the fact that local power publishers do not want improvements. DAHR is

You can better control your constituents when they are addicted

Ludovic Orban announced. He added that his party

He wants educated Romans to stand on their own two feet and fight for their success.

According to Ludovic Urban, the basis of all this is investments, including infrastructure development. He described the construction of the Targu Mures-Yai highway, which also crosses Harghita district, as of major importance, making the area more attractive.

The party chief wants all businesses planning to settle in Harjitta district.

If productive capacities develop here and labor is needed, then obviously job seekers will also come.

It is to explain Ludovic Urban adding:

I also wondered why we could not make the headquarters of any national authority or agency in Miercurea Ciuc.

In response to a question, the party chair described DAHR as a coalition partner that generally delivers on its promises.

The PNL party will hold its inaugural conference at the end of September. Ludovic Orban, Speaker of the House of Commons, and Prime Minister Florin Cito are running for the party.

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