Index – Abroad – Liz Truss did it, something like this had never happened before in the British government

change the government British Prime Minister Liz Truss, who was formally appointed to the position of Prime Minister by II. Queen Elizabeth. Les Truss His prime minister’s government is the first British government without a white man in a senior position.

The The new British Prime Minister He appointed Kwasi Quarting – whose parents came to the UK from Ghana in the 1960s – as Britain’s first black Secretary of the Treasury, while James Cleverly is the first black foreign minister. Cleverly’s mother is from Sierra Leone and his father is white. He’s spoken in the past about being bullied as a mixed-race kid, and said the party needs to do more to win over black voters.

Suila Braverman, whose parents came to Britain from Kenya and Mauritius six decades ago, will succeed Priti Patel as the second ethnic minority home secretary, where she will be responsible for policing and immigration.

Parliament seats are filled in the name of diversity

The increased diversity is partly due to the Conservative Party’s efforts in recent years to nominate as many candidates for Parliament as possible. Reuters.

Until a few decades ago, British governments consisted mostly of white men. The first minister from an ethnic minority was appointed in 2002 when Paul Boateng was appointed Principal Secretary of the Treasury. Rishi Sun, whose parents are from India, was Kwasi Quarting’s predecessor as Finance Minister and was the runner-up to Truss in the race for the premiership.

In the upper echelons of business life, the judiciary, the civil service and the military, people have not yet been replaced in the name of diversity.

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