Index - Abroad - Lavender can be classified as a dangerous plant by the European Union

Index – Abroad – Lavender can be classified as a dangerous plant by the European Union

There is a draft regulation in the European Union that could classify lavender as a dangerous plant Fr24news. Under the new rules, for example, a warning must be written on a bottle of lavender oil due to the allergens it contains. Meanwhile, of course, there are lavender’s boon benefits: The herbs are used to reduce inflammation and soothe tired nerves, among other things.

Many French people raised their heads at this news. Charles-Henri Galois, president of the generation of Frexit, voiced French concerns when he wrote on Twitter:

Whether it’s lavender essential oils or our cheeses, the European Union wants to control everything. It’s time to take back control and decide for ourselves our future, our standards, our laws, and our social model.

The plan to ban lavender was first discussed in 2016 in Brussels. In France, 1500 companies grow lavender, employing 30 thousand people. Year after year, many tourists visit the south of France because of the panorama of purple fields or just the characteristic smell of the plant.

Moreover, French producers do not object to the allergy risks indicated on the product packaging. They absolutely do not agree to write information on the labels that consumers can read on the labels of industrial chemicals. Smallholders also fear that they cannot afford the analysis process.

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