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Index – Abroad – Joe Biden: Relations between the United States and Vietnam have entered a new phase

Index – Abroad – Joe Biden: Relations between the United States and Vietnam have entered a new phase

Joe Biden made a state visit to Vietnam, where he said at a business forum,

The two countries are deepening their cooperation in the fields of cloud computing, semiconductors and artificial intelligence.

The forum was attended by major Internet and technology companies, in addition to leaders of aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The White House also announced that the company signed a “historic” $7.8 billion contract with Vietnam Airlines.

MTI noted that Vietnam has the world’s second largest stockpile of rare earth metals, which are used in electric cars and wind turbines. On Monday, Vietnam and the United States issued a joint statement warning against the “use of force and threats” in the South China Sea, clearly targeting Beijing, although the statement did not mention China by name. According to the document, the United States “pledges to continue to support Vietnam in developing its independent defense capabilities.”

China claims much of the mineral-resource-rich South China Sea, but the waters, islands and coral reefs there are claimed by several other countries in the region, including Vietnam.

The joint statement issued on the second day of the US President’s visit to Vietnam also refers to “freedom of navigation and overflight” and the need for “unimpeded” trade and “respect for sovereignty” in the region, which has become one of the United States’ top priorities. The most troubled areas in the world.

Joe Biden’s press secretary interrupted his speech

the daily Mail according to Joe Biden’s press conference in Vietnam It ended strangely. The president’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, simply interrupted Biden and interrupted the president to say:

Thank you all, this concludes the press conference, thank you!

– Tell.

At first, Biden didn’t even notice that his microphone was muted, and continued speaking. After that, jazz music started playing in the room, and by that time the president had already turned it on and headed towards the exit. The 80-year-old president even answered a reporter’s question during the rally, then finally left the hall.

Biden must have been sleepy, because he had previously joked that he didn’t even know whether it was morning or evening after having to travel to the most different places on Earth in recent days.