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Index – Abroad – Introducing the social site that people who leave Twitter turn to

Index - Abroad - Introducing the social site that people who leave Twitter turn to

The social network currently has more than 655 thousand users. More than a third of new users last week join.

On the surface, Mastodon is quite similar to Twitter, but with different vocabulary. post users – tweet instead of trumpet – They are shared, which can be replied, liked, shared again and of course users can follow each other.

However, its structure is completely different under the surface, which is why it attracts new users, who may be completely confused by some of its features.

Mastodon has been around for six years, and the rush of new users has crippled the interface a bit. When registering, you must choose an objective server, which has a large number. You can also search for a server based on country, city, or other interests – for example, technology, sports, music, or player standing.

In fact, it does not matter where the user ends up, because all other servers are available, so everyone is visible.

The thematic server facilitates integration to the point where newcomers find the information they engage more quickly.

In the UK now, social threads and questions about the island country are common, so traffic on these servers has slowed – Writes BBC.

Six thousand joined in just 24 hours server, so recording had to be paused – Ryan Wild, network operator, explained the attack.

How it works?

The chosen server becomes part of the username – eg It is also a searchable username. On the same server, the acquaintance can also be found by name, and if it is registered on another server, it can be determined by adding the extension.

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Unlike Twitter, Mastodon does not recommend users to follow it. You can search for tags and hashtags. Judging by his description, it sounds simple, but you can already see from the new dictionary of the attached tweet that the situation is a little more complicated. But really only a little bit.

The operators likened him to e-mail.

Everyone has one or more accounts with different service providers. However, service providers communicate with each other.

Mastodon is not a platform. It is not owned by a single person or company. The shared network is created from the connection of different servers owned by different people and organizations.

Its fans love the decentralized structure: such a platform cannot operate at the whim of one organization, it is not for sale, so it cannot be bought.

However, the downside is that the user is vulnerable to the whims of the server operator, who can terminate the service at any time. In this case, the account stored on the server will also be lost.

new platform, the sky is blue Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is also working on its development, and claims that he is also considering a decentralized network.

Moderation is not resolved

Currently, each server on Mastodon has its own moderation rules, and some servers have no moderation at all. There are also those who are not connected to another server that also allows hateful content. Suspicious content can also be reported to server owners.

Mastodon is not loaded with ads, although there is nothing to stop someone from sharing a post promoting a company or product.

The servers are usually free to use, although some operators may ask for voluntary contributions.

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