Index - Abroad - In the United States, the mask can be discarded after two vaccinations

Index – Abroad – In the United States, the mask can be discarded after two vaccinations

We’ve quoted Gabor Kimenisi, a researcher at the National Laboratory of Virology in Beach, about vaccines and protection against coronaviruses, and this time it’s worth it. The biologist posted the CDC guidelines to Facebook on Thursday.

The bottom line is that the moment we’ve been waiting for over a year has arrived: You can leave your mask on with the right protection. It is shockingly important to add that the research results apply to certain vaccines, and the mask can only be disposed of by following certain rules in the United States.

Gábor Kemenesi cites a US study that examined the infection rate after a full vaccination, that is, if a patient received two Pfizer or Moderna vaccines and 14 days passed after the second. Data was also collected from university employees, Mayo Clinic health care providers, and frontline workers, for nearly 50,000 samples.

The dataset shared by the biologist shows that after two mRNA-based vaccines are given, with complete protection, there is less than a 1% chance of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

This is a remarkable result, more than promising for the future, because in this circle people working in different working environments and conditions were studied, and thus the grandiose indicator appeared.

For the entire sample, the incidence was 0.05–0.9 percent.

The US epidemiological office will fully vaccinate people starting Thursday canceled Mandatory mask wearing: Specifically states that a mask should not be worn or 6 steps must be separated unless it is bypassed by state, province, region, service provider or employer regulations.

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