Index - Abroad - In Slovenia, the left won the election but lost it

Index – Abroad – In Slovenia, the left won the election but lost it

Perhaps what is new is that a previously non-existent party has won in Slovenia, where the new prime minister, Robert Golub, became head of the Green Party called the Freedom Movement in January 2022 and won the elections. In fact, Golub won because his party got previous left-wing votes, so it can be said that the formation was a liberal, green and leftist formation.

Kiss Ragmond emphasized that despite the victory of the left in the country, the old left was practically destroyed because nNeither the center-left party of former Prime Minister Marjane Sarik nor the party of former Prime Minister Alinka Pratosek (SAB) reached the 4% threshold in Parliament.

In 2020, there were no elections in Slovenia. At that time, the minority government failed due to the pension reform because voters in the previous elections in 2018 did not authorize them to co-governance with Janez Jansa and the Slovenian Democratic Party, which later happened. The Jansa government came to power in March 2020, and it was not an easy period because the pandemic broke out and then the subsequent economic slowdown, which, however, did not affect the Slovenian economy severely.

The rage in the fall and an indicator of environmental sensitivity was anger when an amendment to the Water Act was passed last spring that would have allowed the creation of rivers, lakes, and smaller sports and tourist restaurants on the coast. In a referendum on this, the people voted in favor of the bill by 87 percent. This rejection of the referendum has already shown that Slovenian voters are sensitive to environmental issues.

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If we look at the numbers, we see that while 52 percent of Slovenian voters voted four years ago, by 2022, turnout was already around 70 percent.

There will also be a representative of the Hungarian minority in the Slovenian parliament

Early on Sunday, President Purut Pahor said he would give the relative winner, Robert Golub, the first to form a government. Thereafter, Parliament must vote on the Prime Minister-designate no later than 48 hours and not later than 7 days. Golub also indicated that he wanted to form an alliance with the Socdems. In other words, the seats of 41 members of the Golub freedom movement and 7 members of the Social Democrats will already give the new government a comfortable margin in the 90-member Slovenian parliament.

One of the ninety seats belonged to the Hungarian and Italian minorities. Currently, about 15,000 Hungarians live in Moracos. Ferenc Horvath, president of the Moravidic National Society Council, won the secured Hungarian minority seat again. He also established good relations with the former Jansa government.

Head of the Diplomatic Workshop at the MCC School of International Relations emphasized that “Slovenia is an important partner for Hungary, and our goal is to establish good relations with the new leadership in Ljubljana in accordance with the same interests.”

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Robert Golub, leader of the Slovenian center-left Freedom Movement (Jepani Svoboda), will deliver a speech after meeting with Slovenian President Borut Pahor on April 26, 2022 in Ljubljana.

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