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Index – Abroad – Hurricanes devastated the United States

Index – Abroad – Hurricanes devastated the United States

The storm area hit parts of Ohio, Kentucky, Arkansas and Indiana by dawn on Friday. Three people died as a result of the devastation caused by the hurricane in Logan County, in the Indian Lake region, northwest of the capital, Columbus. One survivor reported that he was only able to survive the natural disaster by hiding in his bathtub, MTI reports.

Dog rescue units searched for victims and survivors on Friday. Local hospital officials reported that they had to treat 25 people in the town of Bellefontaine, most of them with fractures and internal injuries.

According to eyewitnesses, the tornado arrived 10 minutes after the warning sirens sounded, so there was little time left to prepare for it.

In Winchester, Indiana, 38 people were reported injured in the tornado, three of whom were in critical condition. The mayor announced that 130 residential buildings and restaurants were destroyed or severely damaged. The storms also caused severe damage in other areas of the state.

In Milton, Kentucky, two people were injured when debris picked up by the tornado fell on their cars. About one hundred buildings in the settlement were severely damaged.

According to storm summaries, tornadoes also formed in Illinois and Missouri.