Index - abroad - hundreds of hackers were attacked by Americans, Joe Biden investigates

Index – abroad – hundreds of hackers were attacked by Americans, Joe Biden investigates

Biden said during his visit to Michigan that he was not yet sure who could be behind what happened. “We originally thought the Russian government was not to blame, but we’re not sure yet,” the US president said. Biden said he instructed intelligence agencies to conduct an investigation. confirmed:

The United States will respond if it turns out that Russia is responsible for the cyber attack.

At the June 16 summit in Geneva, Russian President Biden and Vladimir Putin called on his official partner to take action against hackers residing in Russia and warned of the consequences of continued such attacks. There have been many recent attacks on US companies with the racketeering virus.

Cybersecurity firm Huntress Labs blamed Russia-linked criminal group REvil for a large-scale cyber attack Friday by hackers who tampered with one of Kaseya’s widely used software called VSA, “to measure a devastating blow to the supply chain.” Last month, the FBI blamed the same group for a cyber attack on meat company JBS.

In the wake of a cyber attack, one of Sweden’s largest retail chains, Coop, was forced to shut down temporarily on Saturday. The measure affected about 800 stores in the Scandinavian country. The company was informed that one of its subcontractors had been subjected to a cyber attack, which caused digital withdrawals to not work. Similar problems have been reported by the state railway company SJ. According to the Swedish subsidiary of the software company Visma, the problems are related to the cyber attack on Kaseya.

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Some cybersecurity experts noted that the attack was carried out before the long weekend of US Independence Day (July 4), which allowed the extortion virus to spread quickly while workers were on vacation.

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