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Third. Britain’s King Charles and Queen Camilla are crowned on May 6 in Westminster Abbey.

secondly. It was the first celebration since Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953, when 2,300 guests were invited to Westminster Abbey, but spectators also got to watch the UK’s largest military parade – a total of seven thousand soldiers and 19 military personnel. Charles’ bands marched past Buckingham Palace and past the golden chariot that traveled between the coronation sites.

Despite the bad weather, many people followed the coronation live, thousands of people were waiting, as the third. Karolyi and Camila pass them in the cart. At the same time, not only the royalists were preparing for the big day, but also the republicans:

At the statue of Charles I, executed in 1649, in Trafalgar Square, hundreds, according to some sources, two thousand supporters of the republic, chanted: It’s not mine! And that Abolish the monarchy!

London police detained many of them and confiscated their banners.

The coronation ceremony was attended by many heads of state and government – such as Hungary’s President Katalin Novak – as well as members of the royal family. Only Prince Harry’s wife, American actress Meghan Markle, stayed away, however, Buckingham Palace announced in advance that Prince Harry and Prince Andrew, who are accused of sexual harassment, will attend the event not officially, but as family members, so they are Buckingham Palace on the balcony, they did not stand by The newly crowned royal couple.

Because of the weather, the air show was smaller and shorter than planned.

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The official part of the program is now over, but British royalty and tourists will likely be celebrating the coronation in the streets for a long time to come.

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