Index – Abroad – Hackers in Australia publish personal data stolen from the largest health insurance company

About 9.7 million current and former Medibank customers were affected by computer hacking in October. Medibank CEO David Kojkar said some data surfaced on the dark web on Wednesday after the company refused to pay the ransom, MTI reports.

Among the personal data obtained during hacking are the insured’s diseases, treatments, names, addresses, dates of birth, passport and phone numbers. In a statement, Kojkar apologized to those involved.

This is a crime intended to cause harm and anxiety to our customers. We take our responsibility to protect our customers very seriously and are ready to support them

– Tell. Medibank works with the Australian Government and the Federal Police. The authorities are seeking assistance from foreign law enforcement agencies in investigating the case, including Commonwealth agencies and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Justin Goff, deputy chief of the Australian police’s cybersecurity division, said the criminals behind the attack may have been abroad, but that did not deter them.

This is not just an attack on an Australian company. Law enforcement agencies around the world know that this is a type of crime that knows no boundaries and requires the sharing of evidence and capabilities

He confirmed.

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