Index – Abroad – Good news for travelers: big relief is coming at airports

New high-tech 3D scanners could remove laptops and liquids from hand luggage in the UK by 2024.

The British government plans to introduce the advanced technology, which works similar to CT scanners used in hospitals, within two years. However, the final decision has not yet been made Watchman.

The current protocol has been in effect since 2006, according to which passengers must remove of their hand luggage Liquids stored in bottles with a maximum capacity of 100ml. Passengers who do not take these items, or who arrive with containers of liquid that are larger or larger than permitted, significantly extend the time for security checks.

The high-tech 3D scanner has been in testing at London’s Heathrow Airport since 2017, so airport staff can zoom and rotate the image to accurately check the contents of hand baggage.

Speaking to The Times, Heathrow chief executive John Holland-Kaye said the technology will be rolled out slowly, which the Department for Transport says is expected by mid-2024. By then, according to the CEO, passengers will get used to the fact that liquids can remain in their bags.