Index - Abroad - Gergeli Golias: Hungary has succeeded in restarting the economy

Index – Abroad – Gergeli Golias: Hungary has succeeded in restarting the economy

Hungary is one of the most successful countries in Europe in terms of economic restart. This was stated by Girgili Golias, head of the Prime Minister’s Office, to the telegraph office after speaking at a meeting in Vienna about the future of the European Union, its economic prospects and its defense against the pandemic.

The chancellor emphasized that Hungary is one of the fastest growing countries in the European Union, with an early recovery from its pre-pandemic economic performance.

Gergeli Golias noted: the meeting participants saw it; There is a central European identity, which is important for competitiveness, and the preservation of traditional European values ​​is perhaps the most important in Central Europe in the European Union. The minister said they did not want the United States of Europe, but continued to view the European Union as a coalition of countries, so they expected the European Commission to play a non-political, treaty-respecting role.

He also noted that immigration was also discussed at the meeting, as it was made clear that Poland should be united in the European Union.

He added that if the Poles asked for it, it could mean material support, but financial support anyway. According to Gergely Gulyás, the EU should contribute to the protection of external borders in the case of Poland and Hungary.

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