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Index – Abroad – From now on, Britons can also vaccinate children with underlying diseases

Index – Abroad – From now on, Britons can also vaccinate children with underlying diseases

According to the decision, about 60,000 children between the ages of six months and four years are entitled to two vaccines from Pfizer. These include children with poorly controlled asthma and problems affecting the heart, kidneys, liver and digestive system daily Mail.

Although the vast majority of children under the age of four experience only mild symptoms, this group can develop more serious diseases, so vaccination is “the best way to increase protection,” said the government’s Vaccine Working Group, which issued the recommendation. The British National Health Service (NHS) in England confirmed this

Vaccinations are offered to those who are entitled to receive them from mid-June.

According to the latest figures from the UK Health Safety Agency (UKHSA), since the start of the pandemic, 51 children under the age of four have died within four weeks of being tested for coronavirus. Professor Wei Chien Lim, Chair of the UK Vaccine Council’s (JCVI) Covid-19 Committee, said:

In the vast majority of infants and children, the coronavirus causes only mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.

However, for a small group of children — those with pre-existing health problems — the virus can lead to more serious illness, and for them vaccination is the best way to increase protection.

Mary Ramsay, head of immunization at the UK Health Safety Agency, said:

The coronavirus is still around, and thousands of new cases are being reported every week. The additional protection provided by the vaccine may be important for young children in the clinical risk group, who are most likely to develop severe disease. The virus is not going away, so I would encourage all parents to vaccinate their children if they qualify.

Parents should wait for local health professionals to contact them.