Index - Abroad - Free travel to Serbia

Index – Abroad – Free travel to Serbia

Previously, the obligation to provide a certificate of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test at the time of entry for citizens of Serbia and the European Union was abolished, and the epidemiological situation in the country of origin was taken into account.

In Serbia, measures related to the coronavirus epidemic have been greatly relaxed in the past, but they are still recommended indoors,

Mask wearing is mandatory in healthcare facilities.

The number of registered coronavirus infections rose from 396 to 2007,091 in Serbia on Tuesday, from ten to 228,083 in Kosovo and from 46 to 235,292 in Montenegro. 309,571 people have been registered in North Macedonia since the outbreak and 377,087 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The number of deaths due to the epidemic in Serbia increased by three to 16,002 in the past 24 hours. There were no deaths in Kosovo and Montenegro in the past day, leaving 3,138 in the former and 2,715 in the latter.

North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have not reported data on the number of deaths in the past 24 hours, with a total of 9,280 people killed in the coronavirus infection and 15,765 people in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the beginning of the epidemic. Aggregated data on the coronavirus epidemic from around the world by clicking here You can access it.

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