Index - Abroad - Five bears were found under a house in California

Index – Abroad – Five bears were found under a house in California

25/4/2020 21:17

A family of bears has been discovered under a California home after the homeowner was unaware of the most famous “snoring-like noise” leaking. There, wooden-framed houses are rarely a basement, with a free space of about one and a half meters between the ground and the ground floor, which is “enough” for animals to spend the winter.

The homeowner said he chose to ignore the noise because it was “simply meaningless”. He wrote that the neighbors thought they were imagining it CNN.

When bear They woke up from their winter sleep in mid-April, and the noise was louder. Then the tenant invited a non-profit organization called Bear League, which protects bears in the area, to look around under the house.

They found the five black bears, and released four mother and four. Anne Bryant, head of the organization, told the newspaper that the animals may still have been hacking in early December. The noise was caused by the bears snoring and spinning while they slept.

Bears don’t sleep deeply, they are just startled or dull

Bryant said.

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