Index - Abroad - Finland's partisan prime minister can be seen in a leaked video

Index – Abroad – Finland’s partisan prime minister can be seen in a leaked video

The country’s youngest leader was previously criticized for spending too much time at festivals And in clubs.

In the current video, Sanna Marin drinks, dances and sings with a group of friends to the songs of Finnish rapper Petri Nygard and pop singer Antti Tuisku.

According to Iltalehti newspaper, several Finnish public figures can be seen in the video, including singer Alma, influencer Janita Ottio, TV presenter Tinni Wikström, videographer Ilona Yelikorby, radio presenter Karolina Tumenen, style consultant Vesa Silver, and MP Ilmari Nurminen, and representative of mrs. Social Democratic Marin.

“Based on the videos, it is not possible to determine when and where the recordings were made. ÚThe video appears to have been recorded in a private apartment.” I wrote the paper, he punched it

Tilhatti was unable to reach Sana Marine or its staff for comment on the videos Wednesday night.

(Cover photo: Sana Marine on June 20, 2022. Photo: Robert Atanasovsky/AFP)

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