Index – Abroad – Fatal Victims, Schools Closed – A devastating storm is raging in the United States

The rainy region reached Texas, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Arkansas on Monday and caused major traffic disruptions. Due to freezing rain and sleet, cars hit each other in several places on the highways. Six people have died on icy roads in Texas since Monday. Texas Governor Greg Abbott asked everyone to stay away from the car if possible.

Videos and photos of the unusual weather also began circulating on social media. In the video below you can see how someone recorded how cars became uncontrollable on icy asphalt:

And in this video, we can see a person skateboarding in the street:

By Wednesday, airlines had canceled nearly 2,000 flights, most of which were affecting Texas, and on Wednesday morning, about 240,000 homes lost power due to the winter weather.

In Oklahoma, several centimeters of ice shields are expected to form in the wake of freezing rain. Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders declared a state of emergency on Tuesday.

Schools remained closed in parts of Texas and Tennessee on Wednesday.