Index - Abroad - Europe's first parliament with more elected women than men

Index – Abroad – Europe’s first parliament with more elected women than men

In Iceland, the first legislature in which women are in the majority was elected on Sunday BBC. According to the result of the vote

Of the 63, women will occupy 33 seats in the Icelandic legislature, Althing.

With this, 52 per cent of women will sit in Parliament. Earlier in Europe, Sweden had the highest percentage of women in parliament at 47 percent.

By the way, in Iceland, in 2017, 24 deputies gained seats in the legislature. There is no set quota in the country, although some parties have made it mandatory through bylaws that some MPs be women.

In 1980, Iceland was the first country in the world to elect a woman to the position of President Vijdis Finbogadottir.

Catherine Jacobsdottir, a woman, is still the Prime Minister.

But for now, it is doubtful whether he can stay in his position. So far, the ruling coalition has been formed by the Green Left Movement, the conservative Independence Party and the centrist agrarian party called the Progressive Party, led by the Green Jakobsd√≥ttir. So far, they have had 35 members in the 63-member parliament. That number could now rise to 38, but Jacobsdottir’s party has lost several parliamentary seats, while the Independence Party has increased its membership by five, so another prime minister may be at the helm of the coalition.

The world is currently more than 50 percent in Rwanda, Cuba and Nicaragua Percentage of women in the Legislative Council, and stands at about 50 percent in Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

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